Where to Get Best Selling Digital Products? Discover 4 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Them!

Before you get started on the 4 Sure-Fire Ways on How to Get Best Selling High Ticket Digital Products, you need to learn and discover the basics about effective membership sites, marketing through e-magazines, and having your own or affiliates’ product selling pages with resell rights or private label rights contents. Do this before embarking on the next step of your product creation journey.

Now that you have understood the terms that I have mentioned above, where then do you get the good quality products to sell? There are countless ways, but here I will highlight the 4 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Best Selling Digital Products.

1) This is the most cost effective method especially for those newbies starting out, where you want to experiment on stuffs without spending lots of money. Guess what? You can get digital products for FREE! There are a lot of internet marketers out there giving out FREE digital e-books, software, videos or audio just for your email, so focus on these if you want FREE digital products, and some of the products can be pretty good.

2) Now, go out there and find membership sites that sell good resell rights or private label rights digital products. They often come with a big one time fee, or small regular monthly fees. The internet marketing niche is quite competitive, so look for one that offer high ticket digital products in other niches that are less competitive like fly fishing, car repair or public speaking. They often provide help also to guide you step by step towards better product creation.

3) Again, here is another source of FREE digital products. Sign up with newsletters from internet marketers, and some of these newsletters give out digital content or products for FREE!

4) Finally, there are sites that can give out free content published on their sites. There are terms and conditions, such as permission to borrow or resell the products, so do read them lest you end up doing something against copyright rules.

These 4 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Best Selling Digital Products are definitely powerful on their own, and that should already provide you with discovery of lots of high ticket digital content to trade with. The next step is to mix and match contents from these methods, and add your own information and experience to beef up the products created that will appeal to lots more internet customers! The whole internet marketing game takes time to master, so learn from those who have been there to shorten your learning time, and avoid painful mistakes.

Digital Download Protection – Can You Protect Digital Products

Today, you find yourself in the world of Internet Marketing
with the perfect niche and digital product to sell. You
have everything ready to go to make your first sale when
you do a Google search and find that your “Thank You” page
has been indexed for the world to access.

Well digital download protection can start by taking a few
simple steps! Steps that can help protect your digital
products from getting hacked or found by a web search. Now
following these steps does not guarantee that some hacker
somewhere will not find your digital product, but it may
stop the “Average Joe” from stumbling upon them.

So how do you protect your digital downloads?

Digital download protection starts with taking a few basic
security steps that take minutes to do without the use of
any special software or programming knowledge.

1) Start by zipping your downloadable products and giving
the file a long file name. Example:0001at74sd276.zip

2) Add an index.html page to the folder in which you keep
your products. This way you can keep most people from
looking in the file and seeing everything that is kept

3) The next step in digital download protection is to take
the above example one step further by adding a redirect
script to your index page. The easiest way to do this is by
adding a Meta refresh tag.

META HTTP_EQUIV=”refresh”content=”0;URL=http://www.yourdomain.com’

Or this php script:

header(“Location: [http://yourdomain.com]”);

Just place around each tag above then replace (yourdomain.com)
with your own domain name and place between the header tags on your index.html page.

4) A more time consuming way of digital download protection
is to change your download links more often. This step
limits the chance that your link will be listed on some
forum, message board or shared with friends.

5) Now preventing search engine spiders from reading and
indexing your download pages is another story. Use the
following Meta tag to prevent the link on your “Thank You”
page from being indexed:

META name=”robots” content=”noindex, nofollow”.

Place it on your thank you page between the header tags.

6) The last means of digital download protection is by
using a robots.txt file. Although it may stop your files or
folders from being indexed by search engines, it will not
protect them from thieves and hackers.

Your robots.txt is easily readable, just by typing
yourdomain.com/robots.txt (that is, if you are using one)
into the browser address bar and file names that you are
trying to protect are now viewable. So use great caution
when using a robots.txt or take it one step further by
using dedicated software to secure your “Thank You” page.

How To Really Sell Digital Products On The Internet

There are a number of things that come to mind when trying to make money on the internet. You can sell products that other people have created and they pay you a commission on your sales. These products may be tangible or digital. Tangible products are very easy to envision, just think cameras, car parts, etc. but what about digital products? In fact, what is a digital product anyway?

A digital product, in a nutshell, is anything that you can have instant access to without leaving your computer keyboard. So really, what does that mean? Well think of your big names in the software world for instance; Antivirus products from McAfee, Turbo Tax or Quicken from Intuit, Microsoft Office, Adobe etc. The list goes on and on. Those are just the big players in the software market. For each major player there are thousands of smaller players. Just think of an iPhone or Droid app! Most of those apps are created by individual developers. The see a need, write an app, and hopefully make some money from it. Thousands of developers create the apps that these devices use, not just one big company. They are predominantly individual developers who are just trying to make a little extra money and hoping they hit the jackpot by creating a very popular app.

Software is not the only product that is delivered digitally. Information products are a multi-billion dollar industry in itself. Ebooks, training videos, online lessons for anything you can think of are available instantly. If you are reading this article you’ve already seen thousands of these products. The clever marketers, however, portray their products as something more than digital. The graphic designs they use to portray their products is nothing short of brilliant! If you can see a graphical depiction of the product you are interesting in buying you are 90% more influenced to purchase that product. That’s why marketers mail catalogs to you at great expense to themselves. In fact, catalogs have been around for hundreds of years just for this reason alone. If you can picture the product, there is a much better chance you will buy it!

The fascinating thing with digital products is you cannot really see the product because it is just 1s and 0s on a computer. We see it only on a computer screen as the user interface the author wants us to see. The text you are currently reading is just a visual representation of those 1s and 0s stored on a computer. The same goes for a video presentation. So how then does the marketer create this “catalog” for us to see the product he is selling?

Well that’s what we’ll call “creative license”. Pictures, colors, text and graphics are pooled together with artistic flair to create what the author feels is a pictorial representation of what his or her product is or does. This niche in internet marketing generates millions upon millions in income for those with the skills to perform this type of artistry. Some of these people are truly artists! Most of these people, however, just follow a template or know a few basic skills that allow them to create what appears to be very intricate and time consuming graphics. They layer pictures on top of pictures, add a few effects and cool looking graphics.

How To Make Money Selling Digital Products

Digital products are items that can be downloaded to a buyers computer immediately after purchase. They can be in the format of eBooks, audio or video courses, newsletters, software or subscriptions to membership websites.

Internet marketers frequently sell digital products online as an affiliate. That means they promote and sell items that have been produced by somebody else. Here are 5 tips that will help you make money selling digital products.

1. Who Created The Product?

When you sell digital products as an affiliate, you have to know who created the product and what their reputation is as a product creator. Look to see what other kinds of products this vendor has released in the past. If you sell a rubbish product,your audience will blame you.

2. Choose Trustworthy Affiliate Programs

Remember that not all affiliate programs are the same. You want to use an affiliate marketing company with a reputation for paying out the right commissions, on time. ClickBank is a noteworthy authority when it comes to selling digital products online. You can find thousands of niche products to promote in their marketplace. But don’t forget it’s still your obligation to ensure the products that you choose to sell are good quality before promoting it to your audience.

3. Don’t Be Tempted To Sell Everything

As an affiliate for a digital product, lots of different product creators will want you to sell their products. Don’t get caught up in some type of obligation to sell all and everything a product owner creates. If you sell any old rubbish, you’ll damage your own reputation and lose the trust of your target audience.

4. Stay In Touch With What’s Happening

If you really want to make money selling digital products, then your promotion and marketing needs to start long before a product is ever created! Most super affiliates know what’s in the pipeline and start promoting the product before it gets released. You can sign up on sites like JV Notify Pro and have launch dates and details emailed to you. Or, just keep an eye on your favorite product creators and see what and when they’re releasing their next product.

5. Add Value To Your Customers

Add some extra value of your own when you promote a digital product to your audience. This could simple be some extra tips and advice about the product. When you do this, your audience will feel like you’re really looking out for them and will let you that they’re buying the product through your link because they love your support.